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September 2021

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Insignia of the unit

Sign of army unit – Phoenix

A wonderful bird, big like a swan with scarlet feathers, high gold tail, beak and claws. He isn’t dangerous, but it’s difficult to tame him. He can live great age because he can be born again. When his body is weak, he flares up and he rises from the ashes as a young one. At the moment of his death he burns down and he is born from the ashes repeatedly.

His tears have healing powers, his singing has a magic power of appeasement and encouragement. He increases courage of good humans and he blows fear into the hearts of deceitful people. He is able to carry extremely heavy weight.

The Multifunctional battalion is a logistic unit (Phoenix isn’t dangerous but it’s difficult to tame him.) and its task is to provide this service for unit in the field:

  • Haulage capacities – persons, technique, material, supplies, drinking water, spare parts, propellants. (Phoenix is able to carry extremely heavy weight.)
  • Field service – evacuation, land help to injured men and clearing, death allowance service, maintenance and distribution of drinking water, provision of supplies,
    providing sanitation in the field. (Singing of Phoenix has magic power of appeasement and encouragement.)

Phoenix absolutely expresses character and role of The Multifunctional battalion. It means carrying out duties of logistic support not only on tactical level but also on operational level for the Ground Forces and the Air Force. Phoenix characterizes a courage, creativity, idealism, imagination, single-mindedness, determination, competitiveness, concentration and activity.

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