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We don't forget you

We don't forget you

      On Wednesday afternoon, December 20, 2023, a memorial for our two colleagues - Captain in memoriam Edmund Makovník and Sergeant First Class in memoriam Patrik Fraštia took place in the premises of the 5th Special Forces Regiment in Žilina. Edo and Paťo lost their lives on Friday, December 27, 2013, while carrying out duties in Afghanistan.
      The memorial for both colleagues and friends was held at the Memorial of the Soldiers of the Special Operations Forces (SOF), attended by SVK SOF members led by Brigadier General Jaroslav Krám - the SVK SOF commander, the 5th SFR commander Colonel Peter Žochňák, and the chief non-commissioned officer of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, Sergeant Major of the Army Marcel Kaniak.
      Our thoughts are directed towards the event that took place ten years ago. Time gradually diminishes the pain of loss, but despite the tough and elusive mask of the "SOF operator," each of us knows that more names could be added to Edmund's and Paťo's in the future. However, this does not mean we fear the future, but rather of a greater determination to fulfill tasks diligently and responsibly.

We don't forget youWe don't forget youWe don't forget youWe don't forget you

Autor: Captain Sylvia Šebestian, 5th SFR , Foto: Captain Sylvia Šebestian, 5th SFR - Dátum: 20.12.2023
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